Heart Gratitude Meditation to bring more Joy, Peace and Harmony

Heart Gratitude Meditation
Heart Gratitude Meditation

One morning, earlier on, this week, as usual, I sat on my yoga mat. As I always do, I started with my gratitude practice. Somehow, I felt strongly about giving gratitude, thanks to my heart. My heart is the organ that pumps the blood and brings flow to our body, our life. But it is much more than that actually.  Have you every practiced Heart Gratitude Meditation?

Energetically, the heart chakra is the balancer. In fact, the heart chakra is the centre of the chakras. Chakra no. 4 of the 7 chakras, bang in the middle.  It brings together the lower chakras (the physical world) with the higher chakras (spiritual world). It is the centre of joy, love and harmony. The centre of relationships with others and of course with ourselves. 

Our heart works hard on all fronts for us, but so many of us take it for granted, till we suffer from some physical heart condition.

In essence, our heart radiates pure love, unconditional love. It is only through our life circumstances, the conditioning, that our heart closes. We close our heart to pure love towards ourselves, people around us, humanity, Earth and the Universe. This is the separation from our heart, from the essence of love to fear, love to ego! When we separate from our heart, it brings confusion, doubt, chaos, disharmony. And, it is actually what we are seeing right now in the world. 

So, it is essential that at these challenging times we go back to our heart. Connect to our heart to lift us up, to light us up with pure love, joy, peace and harmony. When we connect to our heart we lift up our vibration, expand our Consciousness. Listen to what your heart has to say it will never fail you.

How do I connect to my heart?

One way I connect to my heart is through this Heart Gratitude Meditation

Whilst either sitting down, or lying down, or in lotus position, close your eyes or gently lower your gaze, take 3 deep breathes. As you do so, feel your tummy rising and subsiding with the movement of the in and out breath. Breathing in, tummy rising, breathing out tummy subsiding. Put your hands on your heart. Stay still for a minute or so and notice the rhythm of your heart beat with your breath. 

Now, take a moment, to thank your heart for pumping your blood through your heart and your whole body without fail, without a break. Thank your heart for keeping you alive. Thank your heart for the love that it gives you. Your heart loves you, even though you might not feel it or think otherwise. Thank your heart for the guidance that it gives you when you are open to it. 

I invite you, to let this gratitude sink into your heart. Rest with it. Notice your heart beating in silence. Listen to anything that your heart is guiding you to. Are you allowing yourself to listen to your heart / follow your heart. If you did listen, what would be doing? How would you be living in accordance with your heart guidance?

As you continue to follow your heart rhythm, imagine your heart filled with a green light becoming brighter. Imagine the same light expanding out from your heart to each cell of your body. This light is healing each cell of your body. If at this time you need healing ask this green light to heal you. Imagine this green light shining even brighter on this spot that needs healing. 

And as you breathe in, and breathe out, feel your whole body vibrating this green light, healing and filling you with love. You are now a vibration of light and love. You are feeling deep peace. You are love and peace. You feel in harmony, with your heart, yourself, humanity and the world and the Universe. You feel the freedom that comes from a pure heart. You feel like you have wings as you feel lighter and free. You keep emanating the light, joy, love and peace as you continue to listen to your heart, be with your heart!

We are now coming to the end, so now, take a moment to thank your heart once again. Bow to your heart. Breathe in, breathe our for a few times. Notice your tummy rising and subsiding. Feel your feet on the floor, or your body on the floor, or your legs on the floor. When you feel ready open your eyes slowly, wiggle your toes and finger. Carry with you this lightness, joy, love and peace coming from the heart! “

How do you feel after this Heart Gratitude Meditation?

Notice how you are feeling after you have finished this heart gratitude meditation. With enough practice you can practise this meditation without any guidance. Its a brilliant tool to have when you are feeling a bit out of centre, confused, stressed out or you sense fear creeping in.

Returning to our heart centre helps us to transform fear into love, separation into oneness and connection, contracted state into an expanded state, chaos into peace! 

And the more we connect to our heart, the more we are able to listen to what our heart desires are. The more we are able to listen to the gentle whispers of self love that can guide us to what we need! And who knows, you might be guided to your purpose that comes from the space of the heart!

Other ways to connect to your heart

If you would like to connect more to your heart centre and you wish to have alternative meditations and practices, I would really recommend that you try the Heart Chakradance. You can learn more about Chakradance on www.chakradance.com. And, if you like to experience a Heart Chakradance moving meditation please do get in touch with me for a free download at catherine@unlockyourpurposenow.com

I hope you enjoy my heart gratitude meditation and you find it beneficial. Please do let me know how are you finding this meditation! I love connecting to fellow human beings! 


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  1. Linda Stelling says:

    I really liked doing this Heart Gratitude Meditation following the Chakradance session hosted by Catherine earlier this week. The heart chakra is possibly one of the easiest chakras for many people to relate to. Almost everyone can visualize their own heart, we have all seen pictures of a healthy pumping heart so for those people who may not be so familiar with the concept of a chakra as a vortex of spinning energy, it is still helpful for them to do the Heart Gratitude Meditation by simply thinking of their physical heart organ.

    • admin says:

      Hi Linda! I am happy that you liked doing this heart gratitude meditation and thanks for the feedback! Its always a pleasure to have your presence! Very well said and very true. thanks for encouraging others to connect to their heart. Love and blessings

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