How to manifest a life that you love in alignment with your Purpose!

Your wish is my command!

Do you wish you had Aladdin’s lamp, giving you whatever you desire?

I don’t anymore!

I have been a ‘Manifestor’ for the last 10 years.

Manifestingwhatever you desire is possible. With the right attitude and especially an intention aligned with your purpose you can manifest your wishes, your desires!

The emphasis is on ‘intention aligned with purpose’.

But what does this actually mean? It means, that whatever you desire and you want to manifest, is:

1) coming from the right space, the heart space

And how would you know its coming from the right space? Having a daily spiritual practice that includes meditation will help you to enter the heart space.

2) A reflection of who you truly are

Again having a daily spiritual practice or other self awareness practices such as mindfulness meditation, yoga practice, and journalling  will help you to become more aware of who you truly are

3) Is allowing you to grow so that you become more of who  you are

What you desire is it taking you out of your comfort zone, is it asking you do to something that you have never done before? Do you have a sense of curiosity to learn more or do something new?

To grow we need to be curious, we need to explore new opportunities, we need to things in a way we never did before, we must be open to learning. Growth takes us closer to whom we are as we discover new abilities, new talents, new wisdom within us.

4) Supports you in being closer to your life purpose, or brings you closer to unlocking your purpose

Life Purpose is the intention to live in a certain way. From intention comes inspirational action. Knowing your life purpose will inspire you to direct your life and set goals in alignment with purpose. It will give you the clarity to express your life with intention, and you will lead others (family, work, community) in alignment to this purpose. It is also about living from the heart and soul. It is the reason for living!

Take time to reflect on the question on ‘How do you intend to live?’

5) Serves the Higher Good, that is, serves humanity or brings a positive change in humanity and the world

What we desire to manifest is not about serving our selfish desires, its not about me only, but it is also about the betterment of humanity, creative a positive change in the life of people around us, our families, community and the world.

Once you set an intention aligned with your purpose take inspirational action.

Whilst we all set goals, we detach from them. Take inspirational action and then allow it to unfold to your Highest Good, you trust the process.

So, think…
Whatever you desire to manifest at the moment,

Is it aligned with your purpose?
Does it reflect points 1 to 5 above? I have some personal stories of manifestation.

A few months ago, I visited Aphrodite’s temple in Kouklia, Paphos, Cyprus. I felt content, in gratitude. I was enjoying being there, being thankful for the beautiful surroundings, and the serenity I was experiencing.  This is when I got an idea, a vision, of working with women. Helping women to heal and empower themselves through sacred work in temples. I felt the desire to create women’s circles,  workshops and events in sacred sites like Aphrodite’s temple. I asked for guidance and decided that if this is meant to be, I will receive the signs. Two days later, I met a woman at an event.  We started chatting along and we realised that we can co-create women’s circles together. We got very excited. We both had a similar vision that came from our heart and soul, this project will support us to grow and flourish. We realised that we have a purpose together. We both want to help women empower themselves and create a positive change, though in different ways. We are now holding monthly women’s circles.  We are also planning to create different events on different sacred sites.

If you notice my story holds essential keys to manifestation. I was happy and grateful; I was positive!

Some ways to be positive right now are:

  • To be grateful for the abundance in your life right now
  • To visualise how your life is when your desires have manifested or even better when you are fulfilling your purpose (create a movie in your mind and observe how you feel)
  • To enjoy life – do what gives you joy right now!
  • Take some time to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’!

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