Mindfulness with flowers – An exercise for present moment awareness

Flowers give me power! Why? Because they help me to come more present, pay attention, which is in essence an act of mindfulness. 

I guess you know by now I love flowers! I have taken many photos with flowers, lavender, roses, bougainvilla. I do believe that flowers not just give us joy but can also heal us. 

Recently, I remembered that in my teenage years, there was a phase that I had flower arrangements as a hobby. You can see that our joys, hobbies and pleasures are within us since we are young. It is so unfortunate that the busyness of life disconnects us. Well its up to us, to let it or not disconnect us. It did to me. I was disconnected from all my joys, pleasures and passions. Only through a self awareness journey I reconnected. Because I reconnected to these pleasures, I feel alive, awake and in love with my own life and life in general.

Back to the subject of flowers. May, is the best month as I am learning for flowers. Flowers are delighting us as they are in full bloom. I receive so much joy from the flowers especially the roses in the garden. They have been my therapy during the lockdown we have experienced in this time. 

Flowers can actually be a very good mindfulness exercises. Mindfulness, through sensory awareness. When we use our senses we are coming back to our money instead of being lost in our thoughts in our mind. When we involve our senses, we immerse ourself in the experience of the moment. Sensory awareness is key to paying attention, to becoming aware of the moment. 

So, how do we experience mindfulness with flowers?

Very simple.

All you need is a flower or few flowers and your senses.

Take some time to touch the flower, feel the petals, notice how they feel, the sensations on your skin, the texture. 

Whilst you are doing so, start looking at the flower, start observing the flower. The size of the petals, the colour, the different shades of colour in same flower, how is it opening. If there are more than one flower, you can also have a look at the difference. Just observe them. Notice how you feel whilst you are observing.

Now, move on to the sense of smell. Move the flower close to your nose. Take in all the scents. Does it have any scent? Maybe it has, maybe it does not. Does the scent change? Maybe, it brings up a memory. How does that memory feel? Just observe, notice, no judgement


(Just in case, it brings up a difficult memory and you feel you cant handle it, put the flower away, take a deep breath and notice 5 things in the colour red around you, and state what they are, feel your feet on the ground and move around) It is unlikely.

If you are curious enough, you can have a go at putting a flower against your ear and see if you can hear anything. Silence or not? Just notice, be present in your own silence. 

If you are more adventurous you can also taste the flower. Of course, very importantly make sure that it is an edible flower and it is not poisonous. So, only do this if you are sure otherwise skip. 

Take a few deep breathes, just take it all in. Notice how do you feel? Notice, are you experiencing any physical sensations? What are you thinking?

Hopefully, just presence of the moment, if you can your mind drifting away, maybe you can repeat the sensory awareness exercise with the flower. The more you practice sensory awareness, the more presence you are able to experience, and the more alive you start feeling however with a sense of stillness and tranquility.

If you wish you can also follow this video where I share a mindfulness / sensory awareness practice with flowers here

Nature does gives us all that we need to experience joy, peace, stillness in the presence moment. The big question, do we allow nature to do its job?

Mindfulness brings self awareness. Self awareness is the solid foundation in our life and also a key to unlocking our purpose. For more information about mindfulness click here 

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