Ask for Guidance, Be Ready to Receive it in Unconceivable Ways!

On 21st June, during the Women’s Solstice Celebration we danced the 7 chakras. Chakradance is a spontaneous dance that is fun and freeing, but also allows us to connect within. To become more self aware, to receive healing, insights and also guidance.

Whilst dancing my third eye chakra, I heard a voice message ‘Be the Woman that You Are’. I acknowledged it, however that was not enough as it came back stronger. I knew that this is something I needed to hear, there was some sort of guidance. The third chakra, is located between the eyebrows, hence ‘third eye’.  It is the centre of inner vision, intuition. 

Following this voice message, I decided to draw it in my mandala. I drew the woman as a ‘Goddess’ inspired by the pendant I was wearing. Then the 7 chakras  rising through this woman figure. As solstice is about the light, the power of the sun, I felt called to draw colourful rays coming out of the ‘Goddess’.

As I always recommend to the participants, I kept the mandala drawing visible. I stuck it on the window. The mandala drawing can continue to reveal messages, guidance, insights in the next week or so.

The day after the dance, as I was facilitating a Facebook live my daughter walks in and she spontaneously states that she can see ‘spider woman’. Of course, I did not see that before, but looking at it with fresh eyes,  I thought she was right. So, I replied to her ‘Oh yes, and spider woman is a super hero (well more super heroine) with super magical powers’. 

After the video , I had to take time to reflect and realised that my daughter was the messenger. She saw something that I was not seeing, and she had to pass on this information.Since, I have seen spider woman as a super heroine making use of her ‘super powers’, I realised that I must step up to the woman that  I really am. It is about time I stop hiding my ‘super powers’, my gifts  and start sharing them in their fullness . That is powerful guidance! 

The honest truth is that I know of these gifts, and some of them I know for many years but for fear of judgement, not being accepted, ‘Am I too much?’, I have been keeping them in the shadow, in the darkness. It is time to shine the light on them and allow them to be expressed. This is my current heroine’s journey. 

Can you relate to this?

Do you hide? Maybe, keep yourself in the shadow?

To be fully who we are, sometimes we need to take a heroine’s journey. Are you ready for this?

I feel this is not a message just for me, but possibly some guidance for many others out there! 

I have shared this on a Facebook live recently too. You can watch it here

Receiving Guidance - The many unconceivable ways we can receive guidanceMy daughter has been the inspiration to this video! She had a message to me through her interpretation of the mandala I drew during Chakradance! Guidance comes from inconceivable ways. So once you ask for guidance be open to receiving from any source

Posted by Catherine Galea - Unlock Your Purpose on Thursday, June 25, 2020

Let’s step up together individually and collectively. Let’s allow our Inner Goddess to dance and shine the light from the inside out. We can rise and shine if we allow ourselves to be who we are and share it with the World and Humanity.

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