Catherine is a beautiful human being. She has gone through a lot in her life and thanks to that she has gone deeply into the process of self-awareness and self-discovery. This is why if you attend her training sessions, her events or even only if you have a conversation with her, that will take you to another level: she really helps you to connect with your deep self and to connect to your feminine side without fears because she is there to support you, because she knows what you are going through, because even if it is hard she will be there with you, smiling and ready to hold you.

I had a lot of conversations with Catherine but I also had the honour to be one of the participants in her personal development course and to attend a workshop on solstice at the temple in Ta’ Ħaġrat in Malta. Both were at the right time in my personal development but I was also lucky to meet Catherine that was really able to guide me and support me over my fears and to reconnect with my deep self. I definitely recommend Catherine if you are ready for the next level in your life.

Viviana Premazzi
Founder of Global Mindset Development


Nothing short of a 5* Review is appropriate for Catherine and her mindfulness professional service. She helped me tremendously in 2019, when the focus of my year was to instil certain positive changes in my life. Through her expertise, knowledgable ways and above all her genuine friendship, she managed to help me tap deep into my psyche to maintain emotional balance.

If anyone is looking for some guidance in seeking emotional/psychological and overall well being, then Catherine is your go-to person.

Thank you Catherine for showing me the way.

Vicky Zammit
Founder of Malta Market Matters / Gifts That Matter

Chakradance with Catherine is an experience to connect yourself with your body, your heart and soul, expressing yourself in a field of energy of love guided by Catherine.

You feel also interconnected with the other participants as much that healing of past or unknown wounds can happen on a group level, as energetically each member participate to help the whole group.

I loved Catherine voice and confidence in guiding us exploring through a spontaneous dancing our chakras energy. With Catherine you feel fully at ease and you can dive deep into the experience setting your mind at a side!

I loved a lot the sharing moment after the class is finished as the experiences of others can give you answers that you may have asked for.

I love the caring space that Catherine builds around us and her lead is authentic, genuine and passionate!

Thank you Catherine hope to have other beautiful Chakradance experiences with you!

Flora Cascelli
Consulente per Comunicazione, Turismo e Eventi

I really enjoyed Catherine’s Mindfulness sessions and didn’t miss one! Very engaging and delivered in a relaxed and very calm environment. Everyone should learn from the course and apply very simple but effective mindfulness methods in their normal lives, to achieve a more balanced and happier life.

David Pike
Retired Chartered Loss Adjustor


I took my 8 year old daughter to Catherine’s mindfulness course and it was a great experience for both of us. Catherine knows how to bring mindfulness in easy words for the children to understand. Her calming, radiating nature was engaging and left you truly happy after her class. Thank you for teaching us more how to care for ourselves

Melissa Bugeja
Mum of 3 children / Founder of Parental Thriving

My 6 year old daughter took the mindfulness course with Catherine in March-April, 2019. She loved every session and enjoyed being involved. She learned about the structure of the brain and how it functions, how to concentrate and pay attention, how to express her feelings and control her worries, eat mindfully, how to stop the bullies and many more other life skills. I found it extremely helpful for the overall development of the child. Highly recommended!

Yuliana Borg
Mum of 2 children, Co-Owner Sea Shell Dive Centre


“Great course, highly recommended, my daughter attended one of the courses a couple of weeks ago and the difference in how she handles different situations and her feelings clearly shows. She used to look forward to the lessons, which were taught in a child friendly manner making it easy to understand what mindfulness is all about. Great work “

Juanita Azzopardi
Mum of 2 children

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